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Holidays in Egypt, is it a good idea?

After the political and social crisis in Egypt three years ago, many people predicted that tourism would suffer. However, this hasn’t happened. Polish people are very eager to go to this country and they also invest in infrastructure. This shows the growing popularity of Egypt as a tourist destination and it also shows how unknown Egypt is. Read more

Egypt’s authorities are aware of the importance of the tourism industry for the country’s economy, and this translates into ensuring the best possible conditions for visitors. In recent years, the Arab Republic has experienced a decrease in the number of tourists from other countries, but Polish people haven’t influenced this indicator and, as never before, are eager to choose this place for their holiday destination. No wonder, because unknown Egypt is a great place for a holiday.

According to tourists, more and more people are interested in diving in Egypt. This form of relaxing is said to be sensational and offers an extraordinary experience. Anyone who hasn’t tried it will never regret trying, and it’s certainly gaining popularity due to its unique charm.

What should one know?

Polish people travelling to Egypt are subject to a visa requirement. A visa can be obtained online, via this website, upon payment of the applicable fee. It’s also possible to buy a visa directly at the airport, before passport control. Although it’s not common, it’s possible for tourists to visit unknown Egypt without a visa. In this case, they must obtain a tourist visa at the nearest Egyptian consulate. Tourist visas are valid for 30 days and can be obtained without applying for them first. Tourists aren’t allowed to stay in Egypt for more than 90 days in a 180-day period.